Forgiveness & Prayer Through A Victims Eyes

Recently, all of us have been talking about a worldwide problem, and that problem is human trafficking(victims of sexual abuse). I’m sorry to say it, but this has been going on much longer than some of us realize. In different parts of the world human trafficking has been talked about before, but now we are in a time in the United States where hidden information is finally being exposed, and it’s been happening right underneath our noses, and well-known people have been involved in the industry. Now that we’ve heard it, and seen it, we can no longer unhear it or unsee it. We want to bring justice for those who are suffering, and we’ll do anything we can do to help, right? Well, this isn’t what I came here to talk about today..

Although it is so important to pray, fight, and be a voice for the voiceless, it’s equally as important to pray for the perpetrators.

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