The Loss Of My Daughter Part 1


Grief can hit you like an unexpected car crash. It is sudden, it is unexpected, it is painful. At least for me that is exactly what it was… Growing up I have experienced loss through the lens of another persons pain, but never my own. I have heard people talk about grief, and how it is like a roller coaster, or even how grief is like an ocean of waves coming and going. I never understood grief, and what it felt like until I lost my daughter, Adalynn. It has been five months since my daughter went to be with Jesus in Heaven, and although my faith is what gives me hope that I will see her again one day, it does not take away the pain. My hope doesn’t take away the fact that I wish she were here in my arms. That I wish I could go through the experience of having a newborn with my husband. It doesn’t take away all the hopes and dreams I had for this baby, and for our family as we envisioned moving forward with our lives as a family of four.

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