Hello there! Welcome to my site!

If you are reading this I am going to start by saying this… Aside from the practical topics I may write about, this blog is to reach those who want a safe place to escape to. If you feel discouraged, if you are hurting, and you feel like no one understands the depth of your pain I want to be your helping hand to listen, and the person who understands you. I want to be a voice for the voiceless because I once was voiceless myself. Honestly my finger tips tremble as I write this, and fear has held me back from so many opportunities in my life that I no longer want to miss out on. I know I have so much to offer, and as the years have gone by I have had to face things in a couple years that people may or may not face in a lifetime.

You may be wondering why I chose to name my blog “substantial-beauty”, and the truth is for me beauty isn’t just about physical appearance, the makeup we wear, the nutritious foods we may eat, or being fit. Beauty is about knowing who God created you to be. Beauty is about finding joy in the midst of trial, and how we can use that trial to reach our highest potential in life. Beauty is about being vulnerable when the world tells us that being vulnerable is weak. Beauty is about not letting anything shake your worth, value, and identity, and I am here to expose the truth about how we have a choice in the midst of circumstances we may not be able to control, and how that choice can make or break us.

If you are struggling, if you feel alone or afraid, if you don’t feel good enough, or you have been through your share of pain and trauma, and you feel like you just can’t get through another day because you’re emotionally exhausted, I’m here to tell you there is a choice to be made to rise up, and take control of your life! If you yearn for more in your life you have come to the right place.

Beside my random thoughts in this Blog, I will be sharing my own personal experiences, and the heavy things that I have been through that you may be able to relate to, or can learn from in the hopes that you to can come out of the darkness you’re in now, experience true joy, and one day be able to share your story as well. We as humans are imperfect, and we live in a fallen world where we will all face trials, and some circumstances we may choose to put ourselves in, and others we may be a victim of, but that does not mean we need to choose to victimize ourselves for the rest of our lives. You can be a victim, or a victor.

Which one will you choose even when everything turns against you, and the inevitable happens?

Stop waiting for someone else to say that you count, that you matter, that you have worth, that you have a voice, a place that you are called.

Didn’t you know, darling?

The one who knit you together in your mother’s womb is the one singing these words over you.

You are chosen.

– Sarah Bessey

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